Marsha Milam Music has carved out a niche when it comes to creating free live music series in Austin and across Texas. Teaming with venues, radio stations and sponsors, MMM is able to present the best of live Texas-centric country, rock and pop music outdoors in family-friendly settings for free.

Music Series

Marsha Milam Music is a live music event production company that books, plans, produces and promotes festivals, concerts and music series across Texas. 

Marsha Milam Music specializes in producing and promoting unique one off shows, concerts and festivals showcasing national, regional and local talent along with local artisans and culinary experts.

Mission Statement

Festivals & Concerts

We produce and promote live music events that provide:

  • Entertainment for fans
  • Exposure/income for artists
  • New customer base/exposure for the venue/district
  • A turnkey promotion for radio stations
  • Branding and growth opportunity for sponsors